Hi, I have made a Powerpoint and added animation in it because I want to control when everything should appaer by a click while I'm talking. I have imported Powerpoint and I've found the animationbuttom, but it doesn't work the way I would like it to do. How do I control the text on everything single Powerpoint slide to appair by a simple mouseclick?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Elizabeth -- Thanks so much for reaching out! My apologies if I am not totally clear on what you need, but may I ask if you have had a chance to take a look at the following resources? 

Syncing Animations and Applying Slide Transitions

Working with Animations and Slide Transitions

Syncing Animations with Existing Narration

Syncing Animations and Recording Narration at the Same Time

Fine-Tuning Animation Timing

You are also welcome to create and share a Presenter Package if you'd like us to take a closer look. :)

Christie Pollick

Thanks for your reply, Elizabeth! Perhaps you might like to consider some of the ideas suggested over here in this post on a similar topic?

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