Animation after a successful drag and drop interaction?


I'm creating a drag-and-drop interaction and was wondering if it's possible to "launch" an animation (of the dragged object) after successfully dropping.  The idea is the definition is on a "file card" and there are 2 filing cabinets (with "target hot spots").  When the learner drags the card to the correct file drawer, I'd like to have an exit animation "shrink" so it looks like it's being filed.  

Is this possible?  



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Phil Mayor

Yes it is but you have to be sneaky.

You can add an entrance and exit animation to an object (0.5 seconds long)  and then set the object to hidden, shrink the timeline of the object to 1 second and then set a trigger to change state to normal when the timeline reaches 1 second. the object will no longer disappear.

Now add a trigger to change the state to hidden when object dropped on your target and it should work


Tom Kuhlmann

Phil got his answer in while I was recording a simple video. Here's the video for those interested

To add to what Phil said, the exit animation is triggered when the object leaves the screen (goes from normal to hidden state).

However, the exit animation will also be triggered when the slide ends. Thus you need to account for that. Phil's solution gives you more control over the object's state. Mine pauses the timeline.