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Julia Koller

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I've had a similar problem with Flash SWF animations. Is that what you are using?

The jerkiness in my animations was caused by a poorly optimized SWF file. In one of  my animations, the root of the problem was background vector art. I replaced the complex background with a smoothed Bitmap (way less processing at run-time) and everything worked fine after that.

Here is Articulate's page on Flash best practices (if that's what you're animating with). I also recommend downloading Swiff Player, as that really helped me locate problem areas in my SWF.


Ashley Reynolds

Hi Julia,

thanks for that.  Although i suspect my problem is something else as I've not inserted any .SWF files onto most of my pages.

It seems like when previewing everything is timed as you'd expect it, but when viewing a published file in a browser the timing of the built in animations (fade/grow/etc...) is off.  Instead of them running concurrently but slightly staggered it's more like they play one after the other?


Nicole Legault

Hi Ashley, 

If the problem is only occurring in your publish project, you might want to make sure you are following the appropriate steps for publishing for the web. Also, when you publish and view your course make sure you are working on a local drive, and not a network drive, as this can cause some erratic behaviour. If you're still having the problem, can you perhaps share your .story file here in the forum we can take a closer look? =)