Animation does not kick in when returning to a slide layer

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Me again...

Scenario is as follows:

I have a base layer and 3 slide layers, call it layer1 and layer2 and layer3.
on the base layer I have 2 images. When you click on the 1st image it takes you to layer1 and when you return to the base layer it changes the state of the 1st image to visited (I also build a trigger that set the state of the 2nd image to normal). I basically do the same processing for the 2nd image which takes you to layer2.

When the user clicks on the 1st image, it goes to layer1 and the animation runs fine. In layer1, I have a 3rd image that takes you to layer3 and when you return layer1 it changes the state to visited on the 3rd image. However, the animation does not kick in on layer1 when returning from layer3.

Please help

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Ron Price

Hello Kyle,

It sounds like you may need to adjust the Layer Properties.  "Automatically Decide" on a layer is typically "Resume Saved State" which is the opposite of how Slide Properties operate.  You will want to adjust the layer to "Reset Initial State".  See pic in the attachment.