Animation Easing

Was working on some slides yesterday with entrance and exit animations. Mostly fly ins/outs and fade ins/outs and everything was easing very nicely.

When I opened it today and starting working on it I noticed the animation easing wasn't quite working. Animations were still firing but they were very abrupt and not easing into place giving that nice natural look.

Not sure what I could have done to cause this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Matt M

Hi Emily

Been doing some work in storyline 2 and I can't seem to get over this issue. It seems that no matter what every time I open the .story file (usually the next day) all my entrance and exit animations loose their easing quality.

I will link 2 examples to show. the difference is subtle but I am relying heavily on animation to add flavour to the user experience and when the easing fails it effects the whole look of the presentation.

The first link was created from a new file yesterday and published in the same session. So basically the file was never closed and reopened before publishing. The second link is the same .story file opened today and then published with same settings.

Link 1 (working):

Link 2 (not working):

This is very much a work in progress so it's pretty bare bones except for a couple slides which I am trying to nail down before moving on to the rest of the presenation.

Click on get started, then click on "Language Delay".
This bluish greenish slide is the first spot where the animation differ between the two as you will see the titles and product shot slide in. Interestingly if you click on the info icon, I am using some motion path animations that never lose their easing quality. You can click on next icon (arrow in bottom corner) to see the slide animate out and back in again and really see the difference.

I can't seem to figure out why this would happen.

Emily Ruby

Hello Matt!

Thank you for the new link. I looked at your 1 and 2 outputs side by side, and unfortunately I am not seeing the difference in animations. They both seem to smoothly come in and go out.

Can you share the .story file with a marked spot on the timeline where you see the changes on your end?

You can also check the timing of the animations to see if they were changed, even by .10 of a second.

Matt M

Ok here is a screen recording to illustrate. The first half of the video is what I am seeing when I publish now, the second half is what I want and was when I first published after creating the initial presentation.

It's most notable on the title and product shot to me .The first example has very flat entrance/exit animations, the second example has much more dynamic and realistic animations. The .story file is the same file for both instances. The only difference is the incorrect one was opened the next day after creating it and published.