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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt!

It appears to be working for me:


It does not auto-play like the flash version, but be sure to click the video for it to begin playing in your HTML5 version. Is that the same thing that you are seeing or do you need me to check a particular device?

Do you see the same behavior in my file?

Leslie McKerchie

If you share the html version, then it works as expected in Safari on a computer. We recommend sharing the html version and allowing it to decide best playback as explained here.


On a tablet, you would need to tap the video for it to begin either way.

Chad Keller

Hi Matt,

If you set the "Play Video" setting to "From trigger" ...

(it seems to work with the setting at "Automatically" as well)

... and add the following trigger to the layer...

The video will play when you tap your button to show the layer.  I tested this in Safari on my iPad mini.

Matt Burgon

Hi Leslie,

This is about getting it to play from a button not clicking on the video itself, because if you have an interactive e-learning course with a number of buttons, you need them to activate a layer with various media/ interactions on them.

Chad has kindly got us all a step closer, though not working in Chrome.