Animation in Storyline


Previously I've used Flash-based animations within e-learning modules and want to replace the Flash with a format that will work as HTML5 and on the Articulate Player iPad app.

Can someone please let me know what format I can use? Previously the developed flash object would allow some form of interactivity in the way of learners being able to click on parts of the image to display content etc, so I'd like to retain that functionality and not just replace the Flash with a Video.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Nick.

I'm not aware of any single-file, HTML5-compatible, interactive animation formats (other than video), are you?  If so, we'd love to know about them so that we can consider adding native support in Storyline.

Having said that, anything you can put on the Web can be inserted into Storyline as a Web Object.  One example (shared here by David) uses Adobe Edge Animate, and I'm sure that other HTML5 authoring tools exist as well.

In addition (depending on complexity) there's always the possibility of building your interaction natively in Storyline (see Mike's Simple Jigsaw Demo as one example), and I think you'll find that other examples of simple, natively-authored, interactive content (1 | 2) abound in our community!

Good luck with your project!