Animation is different when published

May 23, 2013

I have designed my animation to move from top right and stop 3/4 down the slide. It is a tab effect that works great in SL and it slides down the right nicely when I preview. When I publish it seems to come from Right Middle. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?


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stanton mackellar

Peter, thanks for your response.

To answer your question, I simply publish the course for Web, then launch course from the launch button on my Windows IE8.

I tried uploading to the Tempshare site and I have to say I am extremely concerned. The performance of the entire course is seriously impacted. I have used a significant amount of interactivity and media which simply does not render when I test on Tempshare. Is this seriously what I can expect when I publish this live?


I had no issues publishing locally on my machine. I am hoping that the performance would be better on our local LMS, but I don't have access to at the moment to test (bureaucracy).

stanton mackellar

This is very curious. Here are my tests: 

  1. I pulled out just the slide that is causing the issue and tested and it tests fine.
  2. I pull out the Scene and it tests fine.
  3. But I test the whole course and the issue returns.
  4. I create a new slide in the same scene and the issue remains.
  5. Change the Animation from Top Right to Top Middle -- It works. ie the animation when published starts at top right even though I have programmed it to start top middle.  
Peter Anderson

Thanks for sharing your findings, Stanton. 

It sounds like one or more of your slides may have been corrupted somehow. Here are a few tips for preventing strange behavior like that in the future:

  • Work on your local drive (your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, including file corruption, loss of audio, and other unexpected behavior. 
  • You should also make sure the directory path to your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate).
  • Avoid using special characters, accents or symbols in your file names.

One more thing you may want to try, is importing the affected project into a brand new .story file. Or, if you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Can you please go ahead and open a ticket, including the .story file, so we can take a closer look at what's going on?



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