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Hi everyone!

I think the easiest way to ask this is to start with what I'm trying to do, how I attempted to do that, and then what is not working.

What I want to happen is when the user to clicks on a button, wording appears along with the sound of writing.  Afterwards, I want the writing to remain while the user clicks on other buttons

How I attempted to accomplish this was to change the state of the button to Disabled after it was clicked.  The Disabled state has the writing animated with a slow wipe from the left while the sound plays. I chose Disabled as the preferred state because when I had it on "visited" state the sound would repeat.

The problems. 

First, although the animation is clearly set to by paragraph, all objects appear at once (as demonstrated when you click on "Date and Time" as well as "Address of Signing Party."

Second, and more disturbing,  when I publish the slide, no animation happens at all.  The words just appear with the sound.

What am I doing wrong?  Is it a bug?  Is there a better way to accomplish all these things (sound, writing, and the writing stays even when user clicks other buttons)

Published version:

Unpublished is attached

Thank you :)

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Rachael Lundin

Well, I hadn't considered different browsers. So Yes, the Peek animation shows how it is supposed to work. And when I went to my original link and opened it deliberately in Google Chrome, the animation worked there as well. But it doesn't work in Explorer. Is there a way that I can make it play appropriately regardless of which browser the end user uses?

The other piece is that I wanted the animation to come in by paragraph for the "Date and Time" as well as for "Address". So it would look like one continuous writing.

"07/01/2018" would come in first and then "13:00".
"123 Mystery Lane" would come in first and then "Mystery, WA 98801"

Make sense?

Rachael Lundin