Animation not resuming saved state.

Hi Everyone!

I am having an issue with a game I have set up. 

It's a take on PacMan so he goes along a few motion paths which are on top of lines which fade out behind him - like he is eating them as he goes. When he gets to a fruit the player jumps to their assessment question and comes back to the game when they submit. This part works perfectly and PacMan resumes from it's spot every time.

The ghosts are on a longer, slower path and should continue around the maze, stopping when they jump to a question then resuming when they submit and come back. Unfortunately, they aren't doing this and instead go back to their original position and don't move when the player jumps back.

My Slide is set to "Resume Saved State" and i'm not sure what else I can do or why it works for one thing and not the other.

Any help would be appreciated! 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Amber - Gaming is not something I'm very good at, but I did take a peek.

If you adjust the trigger on the ghosts to be when the timeline starts instead of based on the pacman gif, it seems to work as expected - or at least works each time.

You mention wanting it to 'continue' vs re-starting, but the difference in the pacman vs ghosts is the multiple motion paths. Looks like the ghosts have the same path, correct? 

Hopefully someone with some more gaming experience can chime in with how they would handle this design requirement.

Brent Daviau


Sorry, correction to my original post. Relative Start Point wouldn't work in this situation as each ghost has one long motion path.

What you could do is break each long motion path into smaller ones (like you did for pacman). This of course would be a bit more tedious to set up.

Very cool set up though!