Animation Options?

I need to create a particular animation that is important to the client. Basically its just three text boxes that rotate around a circle, stop, and one text box gets bigger. The idea is to highlight that section of the course. 

Unfortunately there is no way to build this in SL :-(

So I built it in in Flash. That will mean no HTML5 support :-(

I followed the guidelines to ensure it would get exported for iPad; AS3, no script inside it. 

But the swf loops... the only way (I know of) to stop it from looping would be to put a line of code on the last frame stop().

But if I do that then I lose iPad support :-(

Any ideas on how I can get this animation into SL?



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Steve Flowers

Hey, James - 

I know what you mean. I've actually been pretty successful using small video clips for stuff like this. You might try that. I'm a Mac type so Keynote is pretty fast and handy but I've also used Flash and exported to video or used Anime Studio. The plus for this is it should also work OK in HTML5.

Adrian Dean

Hi James,

Did a search for flash video in storyline and found another thread with someone else having the same problem as you. He got some help from Nancy and it appears that he solved the problem himself. You might send him a private message and confer with him. Hope this helps you. The thread link is below.

I'll keep looking for other threads for any other information that might be of use.