Animation pausing when switching tabs

Hello, I recently switched from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3, and may have found a bug.  If someone switches browser tabs while a video is playing, the animation pauses while the audio continues.  When they return to the video, the audio and animation is out of sync.  

I checked our old videos published in Storyline 2, and they continue playing normally (both animation and audio) when a tab is switched, so they don't get out of sync.  

Is there any kind of setting we can change so that either (a) both audio and animation pause when the tab is no longer active or (b) both audio and animation continue playing?  Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Katie Riggio

Great news, everyone!

We dropped the newest version for Storyline 360: Update 38

This version includes a fix for an issue where the seekbar would pause when opening a new browser tab while media played in the background.

Take a look at all the enhancements and give your software an update. We're excited to hear what you think! 😊

Christina Clark

I have a tangential problem to the original thread. 

So as things stand today if you open a new browser tab, video/audio is paused, as you'd want.

If you open a new/different window, the video/audio continues. All good.

I have an assessment slide with video where I have disabled the video controls because I don't want learners to be able to pause. Using Cristian's JS code above, I'm able to check if they pause the video by opening a new tab and I have another variable called "NavigationCount" which I add one to when AudioPlay changes. That way if the count changes, i can warn learners that they shouldn't do that.

However, the code would also add to the count if a learner views a different application, which I don't mind them doing as it doesn't pause the video. My understanding is that the Javascript is looking at the blur and focus attributes to determine whether or not the browser tab is active - are there other attributes I could use to determine whether someone has left the application? The browser/Storyline can clearly do it because the video play behaviour is different depending on whether I open a new tab or navigate to a new/different window.