Animation Problem and Solution

Jul 31, 2014

So the SME says "That could be understood more clearly if you used a conveyor belt animation".

But alas SL don't do animation. To a certain extent SL could be used to do it, but I think it would be clunky and things would'nt drop away or fly off like they are meant to and the timeline would get congested.

OK me thinks, what else have we got ? PPT animation then record screen and import the movie? Fireworks animated gifs? Edge and a webform? Blender 3D modelling? Oh, and Flash. After trying a few solutions and balancing effort with time guess what.

Good old Flash it turns out can do a very good job of creating animated gifs. Just think about not putting movies within movies as they won't work. See the result. I'm happy with that.

But wouldn't it be great if SL could do it too

PS. To see the animation right click on the file and select 'Open with Explorer'.

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