Animation's "loop"


When I return to a page with Animated objects, it plays them again and again...

where can I set it to happan once?

In another project I finished yesterday, I've set animation to some object and was happy to see that it plays them ONCE. (it concerned my client and I immidiatly could calm her that it's ok.

and now - with a new project, and without "touching" anything - Storyline behave differently.

Thanks in advance!


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, BnBrt!

What type of animations? Are these animations you've applied in Storyline?

Is the timeline starting over when you visit the slide with the animations? If so, you might want to try setting your revisiting option to "Resume saved state". This should load the slide where it left off, with the animations complete, etc.

Let me know if you still have any trouble with this.