Animation Text Boxes

I want to bring into a slide, one at a time, three text boxes. Each text box exits before the next text box appears. In PowerPoint, I would simply choose an entrance and exit animation for each text box and would be able to manipulate the animations via the animation pane, if needed. In PowerPoint, none of the boxes would show until I clicked the mouse. Please help me understand how to add text boxes without them showing on the slide. Thanks!

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Jonathan Holmberg

Hi Cindy!

I think I can help you out here.  If you are only asking how to have a text box hidden until you want to use it, then you'd Create the text box, then click it to bring focus.  Then, at the bottom of the screen, you go to "States" and change the initial state to "Hidden" 

I've attached a screen recording for this:

If you would like further assistance, just give me a quick timeline of what you are trying to accomplish (if it differs from your original post), and I'd be happy to put together a sample file for you to use as a reference. 

Hope this helps!