Animation with free form path and text boxes

Jun 28, 2017


I am trying to add animation to a slide in my project. I have read multiple posts and can't seem to find the answer I am looking for. 

I have a arrow image with text boxes on either side. At the end of the arrow, I have a explosion image and a angry person image. I have already set a free form animation path for the explosion to travel along the arrow. Then when the explosion disappears, the person becomes visible.

However, I want to take this further by making each text box appear when the explosion passes it (at x point in the animation) 

I have considered using the fade animation on each text box, however, I am unsure how to make them at different times. Perhaps using cue points?

I have attached an example for your reference. 

Any help/idea would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :) 



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Mr C


You are on the right track

First you might slow down the explosion animation

Then move the start times of text groups on the timeline so they all don't start at 0 seconds

Hover over each "group" on the time line to get a left/right arrow then drag it to the right to the appropriate time

This will allow the text groups to start at the explosion passing point