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Bruce Graham

Storyline currently has a set of animations, but not the full set you will find in PowerPoint.

I believe they are working on a suite to be added in a later version, but these are not ready yet.

If you need a specific animated sequence, you can always create it in PowerPoint, export as a .wmv, and import into SL.

Hope this helps.


Steve Flowers

I don't believe 2007 supports WMV output. The WMV output of 2010 is OK but can provide some marginal effects. I've had better luck using screen recording software to capture the full screen output of PPT. Camtasia and even Screenr can be great for grabbing short bits of presentation playback. I think Bruce has used this method for some of his Storylion exhibits

On a Mac, Keynote is pretty hotsauce for building these types of animations. The MOV output is super clean as well.