Animations and Object Alignment...How do I see it?

Oct 17, 2014

OK, I'm new, and I'm having some very basic problems getting used to Storyline's concept of a "timeline."  I'm hoping that I just don't get it, and someone can perhaps give some pointers or suggest a tutorial that will help me.

In most applications, putting a playhead at a given position on a timeline displays the state of the scene at that time.  Not so here, obviously.   All objects on the stage, regardless of when they appear, are all piled up in their initial positions, do not change and never go away.  So how am I supposed to arrange objects which move and align themselves differently over time?

If I have objects that start in one set of positions and then at some point rearrange themselves later, the only way to do it seemingly is to  eyeball, preview, adjust...eyeball, preview,, if not infinitum, at least nauseam.

I understand that "that's just he way it is."  I'm wondering if anyone can give me pointers for how best to work in this environment.   

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

I am probably not the best person to offer advice in terms of how it's done in real world work scenarios since I'm not building courses daily - so I'll defer to some of our community members and heroes on that front - but in regards to tutorials, I did want to share that you can read more about the Storyline 2 timeline here and Storyline 1 here.    Also, in answering your main question - yes, you'll see the elements all at once, although things like a video can be scrubbed through using the playhead (slower in SL2 than SL1 - which is something we've shared with our QA team). 

Hope that helps to get you started - 

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