Animations attached to video timing, not timeline?

Aug 21, 2020


I made a short video and I want part of the screen to pop up and then exit a series of visuals as the video plays. Attaching them to the timeline is hard because if a learner fast forwards or goes back in the video it throws off the pop ups. 

I looked at using cues (I never have before), but it's not clear to me that these will accomplish what I want. How can I attach layers or on-slide objects to the timing in the video rather than the timeline? 

Thank you!


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Garth Yorko

I think this will work for you.  Remove the controls for the video and let the seekbar control the video and slide animation.  I used a combination of cue points and item ending in the timeline to get the animation to look right.  

View the output here:

The source file is attached.

Walt Hamilton


You need to be aware that if the learner clicks on the video, it will stop, but the timeline will continue, and the timing will be out of snych.

To avoid this, cover the video with a shape. Give the shape a fill (it won't work without one), and set its transparency to 96 - 99%. This makes it invisible, yet allows it to intercept stray clicks before they stop the video.

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