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eTam Miller

Hi Guy! Welcome to the forum. Just wanted to say that I agree with you completely. There are alot of threads on this topic so hopefully they will hear our call and provide an update with more animation options. To be frank, the software feels incomplete without them, especially after forming an expectation that Storyline was a true standalone solution. On the positive side, it has given me more opportunity to explore other stylistic elements. I hope you find an opportunity to expand as well.

Andrew Kay

Guy Armstrong said:

Just want to say that the animation effect options in Storyline are pathetic.  I am starting over to re-author some slides in Articulate Presenter because I need a more robust animation palette, starting with simple motion animations, that are not supported in Storyline.  You took a step backward with Storyline in this respect.

100% agreement with this (almost a year after the original post was made)