Animations missing after powerpoint import

Hi everyone,

I have used a lot of custom animations in my powerpoint presentation and when I have imported the presentation most of the animations are gone.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Also, I cannot insert manually the animations in articulate storyline 2 as the system won't allow it.

Any ideas?



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Eadaoin Norris

Hi Kerstin

When applying the 'fade' animation have you tried selecting effect options and then 'by paragraph'.  If it's still bringing all the text in as one block, I'd say that means it has comes in as a picture rather than a text box.  Try copying the text only and not the box from the original PP and then pasting into a new test box in storyline. Hope some of this helps!

Kerstin Blank

I tried this in Articulate but my problem was that this destroys the whole formatting and I didn't get the animations to work. So I continued to work in Powerpoint to solve the problem.

When applying the 'fade' animation I selected the effect options and then 'by paragraph' and that worked sometimes but not all the time.

It seems that sometimes I need to take out some paragraphs put them in notepad, put them back on so that powerpoint recognizes that this is not the same paragraph. Still, this doesn't work all the time. I need to find other solutions for other slides.

I am a bit worried because I have this huge e-learning with a lot of slides and I don't want to do single formatting and changing etc. so that it works.

I have done the animation in powerpoint and it worked fine in poweroint.  Now I am a bit frustrated that I need to do a different formatting for Articulate again so that it works in Articulate. This is a lot of work.