Animations not completing when moving to another slide/layer

Hi everyone!

I'm having a bit of a rough time here, so I am hoping that you can help me. This happens every now and then and it's beginning to drive me insane!

I have a slide with four layers. The base layer transitions as it should. But once I get to the first layer and continue onto the second, it doesn't transition as it should (if that makes sense). I have set it up so at a certain point the timeline pauses, and then continues once the user selects the next button. With that being said, it happens perfectly on the base layer, so you would think that it happens once again on the first layer. Nope. It doesn't. All of my triggers are EXACTLY the same, so I'm not sure why this is happening. HELP!




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Nick Lupton

Hi Ashley,

Have you looked at the Slide Layer Properties?  You may need to check the option of hiding other slide layers.

What is the logic behind what you're trying to do i.e.  Base Layer > Layer 1 > Layer 2?  If you don't want all the layers displayed at once, have you tried hiding them when the user clicks the next button?

If none of this makes sense, can you upload your storyline file so that I (or others) can take a look?

Leigh Sullivan

Hi Nick,

The layers are disappearing the way that they should. But the transition between the two is wrong. I have added an animation to each item on every slide, so when the user selects the next button, those items will exit the screen with the animation I have chosen. And that's not happening. They just disappear and the next layer comes in with the animation. So they come in with the proper animation, but do not exit with the proper animation. Does that make sense?