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Hi -

I have a slide with multiple buttons. When the user clicks a button, it animates to another location on the slide. When the user then clicks another button, I have the slide reset to initial state, and then that newly clicked button animates. This all works fine in both preview mode and when viewing the published file from my local drive. But once on my server, it does not work (in three different browsers).


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Tom Kuhlmann

The reason it plays in preview is that it plays as you intend it to via the Flash player.  And it plays online if playing the Flash version.

The reason it's not playing as it should for you in the browser is because the browser is trying to play the HTML5 version and it doesn't work. The trigger to reset the slide seems to interfere with triggering the animation. My guess is that when the slide is set to initial state that causes it to not fire the next trigger because you just reset the slide.

Here's the HTML5 version. Slide 2, I changed it to work.

Here's a video on how to quickly fix the animations

Amy Nicholson

Good morning  Tom and April,

Thank you both for your help.

Tom - the link that you sent, it also does not work for me. I click and other than the hover effect, nothing happens (slide 2). Also, note that when I tested my version, it also worked in the published file in my browser (not only in preview). But once on the server, as with the link you sent, it does not work. 

April - I am not following. I thought perhaps you were saying to remove the Jump to triggers from the base and put them on each layer; I tried that and that caused the triggers (move and show layer) not to play/show. 

Other ideas?