Animations out of sync

I have a project with about 30 short screen recordings pieced together in the timeline to act as one continuous movie thus allowing the seekbar.  There are animations built over specific times in each of the recordings.  The problem is as soon as you advance the seek bar the animations move all over the place and are no longer synched with the audio. 

I am having the same problem with animations that are displayed alongside a video.  The animations will only play if you do not advance using video controls.  The second you try to advance using the video controls the animations will not show and completely disappear.

Does anyone have any info you can provide to help me????

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi B K,

That's because the slide timeline and video player seekbar operate independently. Technically, your animations are displayed at the right time - just not in sync with the video. There's currently no way that I know of, to achieve such synchronization. At this point, you probably have to decide if you can live without the player controls (or the animations).

Hope this helps,




That is helpful.  Another question, what if the video control/seek bar disabled for each video and only the PLAYER seek bar is enabled?  Will that produce the same results with animations being spotty over the video/recording?  The animations do keep in sync sometime but not all the time..