Animations: Zoom vs Grow - What's the difference?

May 18, 2015


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi M.., 

Neither animation actually "grows" the object beyond normal size. The difference is that Zoom animation only grows from the middle of the object outward, where as Grow animation allows you to select from which of the object's sides it will grow from (e.g. from bottom-up, top- down, top-left, top-right, etc.).  If you're using Storyline 2 you can  also add a motion path to the zoom and bring it in from anywhere.

Logan Stahler
M. Bosscher

I supposed i should say a "SHRINK" entrance animation. Starting large and finishing at the preferred size you want the object to display.

But I guess considering how limited the animations were in SL1, I should be estatic with the options in SL2.

This is exactly what I'm longing for!  I want a badge to come in large and shrink to size on the canvas - as if it was falling from above.  Sigh.

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