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Jackson Hamner

I am also experiencing a version of the right click error thing with this new update.

When I preview a storyline file with the right click trigger (Jump to next slide when user right clicks hotbox) it did not work. it just sat there.

It DID work when I published the file to web, but the cursor didn't change to a pointer when I hovered over the hotbox for some reason? Its a slightly unrelated error, but it was still strange so I thought I'd mention it.

I attached a copy of the story file. HERE is a demo with the cursor error.

Mel Ruth

I'm finding that, not only did the Notes section in my Timeline turn black after installing the update, but it also lost the ability to have separate Notes for each layer within a slide.  The colour-change I can deal with (although I'm not overly fond of it) but not being able to add separate notes for each layer anymore is a huge loss!  Was that part intentional, too, or was that an unintended casualty with the update?

david mckisick

Yes overall, it is a very impressive update to an already very strong product. I especially appreciate the new Tab Order feature (located now on the Home tab). It seriously makes developing for 508 so much easier than it was. Just the ability to enter all of a slides Alt Text in one window now is just amazing.

Anna Kalsi


I've downloaded the update but when trying to install it, have come up against an issue. When I open the installation file, it asks me to agree to the Articulate EULA which I do. It then asks me to close any running instances of articulate before continuing. The only articulate window that is open is the update one so when I close that the whole update process stops. Seem to be going round in circles - please help!



Sarah Blatnik

I just applied this update and now my Quiz questions are coming up with the question text off-screen (see attachment). It does not do this consistently on each question, but I fix them, save and all is well. Then I close the program and open it again and they are off-screen again. This just happened to me again. There are 7 questions and 3 of them needed to be fixed. Anyone know how to fix this?



Gem Austria

It seems to work using the draw quiz bank feature... but for some reason, the icon timer no longer shows at all (it used to show it counting down) when I preview "this scene" as I have it in its own scene.

I opened a previous project - I didn't use the draw from quiz bank feature, yet when I did preview this quiz scene, the counter displays.

Any thoughts? There's no separate selection for the counter in the quiz bank that I can see.

david mckisick

Sure Gem. Try adding a new scene and copy in all your quiz questions that you want, and set your quiz bank up from that. This way, you segregate the quiz questions and from there you can fine tune your options rather than having questions tied to a bank that are spread out throughout your training (which is probably what is causing the issue).