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Gem Austria

Thanks. I think it was actually -- in the Start Timer Result Slide Properties panel, I forgot to select "With first question" instead of "With first slide" and since it was a quiz bank, it wouldn't register since the quiz bank is probably considered a separate component now. The counter now displays.

Laura Ritzler

Has anyone else run into slides and/or master's being corrupted after this update? I have a set of triggers on a master slide. The slide keeps duplicating and then wiping out my triggers. I deleted everything off the master and made a new layout, but I'm having the same issue over and over again. I created a new file, but when I paste over the content from the other file, the same thing happens.  My other colleague had a few slides lock up on her, and she just had to rebuild them. Is this happening anywhere else?

Gem Austria

Thanks for the discovery. I think we're just going to hold off updating our current version to update 5. I also realized that when we did upgrade from SL1 to SL2, despite that fact that our SL1 files were backed-up via SL2, we were unable to reopen those backed-up version on SL1 since SL2 kept taking over any and all files residing on the same system.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gem! You would need to be sure that you utilized the backup version and you can right click to choose what program to open the file with. This will allow you to toggle between SL1 and SL2. You can also open the program that you wish to use first, then navigate to the project. Whatever the default Storyline program is, sounds like SL2 in your case, will try to open the file first. Sounds like this is what you are running into :)

Gem Austria

I've tried opening the utilized backup file version in SL1 but a message prompts that says it can only open it in SL2 - granted, I have both SL1 and SL2 on the same system. You can try replicating and see what you come with. It seems that SL1 and SL2 conflicts when installed on the same system.

Sarah Blatnik

So the only solution to my problem is to uninstall and reinstall. This is the second time I have had to do this with the Articulate products and I have been using them for less than a year. My colleague has had to do this a least once, as well. Frankly, this is a very poor solution and I think Articulate needs to do something to ensure that the users of their products are not losing valuable time uninstalling/reinstalling the products.


david mckisick

Hi Gem. I see this as well. You can open the SL1 file if you first launch SL1, and then open the file once it has loaded up using the open file function. You are right though that whatever SL1 file you try to load up by clicking/double-clicking will default to opening in SL2 and it should ask you if you want to create an SL1 backup.

Laura Ritzler

Hi Gem,

I can't attribute the issue I'm having to the update, since no one else has had a similar situation come up. I was asking to rule out potential issues with that particular file (since I experienced the issue right after my update).  I've sent it to the support and I really think it's just this file. I haven't had any other issues since upgrading to 2.