Another "disabled NEXT button" question

Mar 30, 2016

I've read a batch of discussions about the NEXT button. I still need help. The client wants the NEXT button disabled to ensure people view the entire slide, but on a revisit, he wants the NEXT button enabled based on the assumption that they saw the entire slide the first time and may have come back for just one bit of information. Is that possible?

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Greg Gilbert

Wendy and Shel - Thanks for helping me solve a similar problem. I needed to have the learner view all the layers on the same slide before enabling the NEXT button. Then, I needed them to be able to freely go PREV and NEXT through all the slides without having to revisit all the layers one more time. I added these two variables:

CY Wong

Just realized what I did wrong with your solution (and subsequently the solution I found.) My training module has multiple instances where I need to program the "Next" button the same way. I was initially using the same variable, but only the first instance showed up correctly. However the solution worked when I defined a separate variable for each instance. It seems a very clunky workaround for a seemingly simple task. Hopefully the next version of the software will have a feature built in for this.

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