Another Drop Down Menu Question

Mar 04, 2015

This has me stumped right now. I want to build a drop down menu that works more like a form field in that I want the menu to drop down and when the user selects one of the options, that text appears in the closed up menu. For example, I create a menu called "Location." When I click it it drops down 3 choices, US, UK, India. If the user selects "UK" I want the text of the tab that previously said "Location" to change to "UK."

My thought was to set the hover state of "Location" on the base layer to show a layer (called "Hover") with all of the drop downs. When the user selected one of the drop downs on the "hover" layer it would change the state of the "Location" tab (on the base layer) to a custom state that equals the selection that the user made. The problem is I can't change the state of an object on the base layer from an object on another layer — at least not without using variables. I want to avoid variables as much as possible because this course is already going to have perhaps dozens of them and I don't really want to deal with any more than I have to.

Any of you wizards out there got any great ideas?


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Brett Rockwood

OK, I've played around with this a bit and thought I'd share what I came up with. Basically it's a drop down menu that adjusts a variable, in this case a location variable. There may be other ways to do this but I think it works. I've put a variable checker on the base layer to display the variable — you would want to delete this for your final output but it's useful for troubleshooting.

Have a look and feel free to do what you'd like with it.


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