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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Rachel!

Publishing Storyline projects for Word is the common approach, but I can see how that could clutter the page. Have you tried unchecking the Show layers and Show slide notes properties?


Community members: It's your time to shine! If you have any approaches to creating answer keys, please let us know!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Tobias!

I'm happy to help! First, have you checked the boxes to Show Layers and Show Slide Notes? 

I've created a project with a question bank and published it for Word, and I see the quiz questions listed in the document. I've attached a sample project to this discussion. Can you try publishing it for Word and letting me know if you see the question bank quiz slides in the .doc file?

Judy Nollet

Here's how I create answer keys: I screengrab each question slide in Storyline, since those show the correct answers selected. I paste those captured images into a Word file. Of course, that works best when there aren't too many questions. :-)

For questions that aren't in a question bank, one could also publish the entire course into a Word file, and then copy and paste the question-slide images into a separate Word file. 

FYI: I usually include notes in the answer key to indicate the passing score, say whether the responses are shuffled, and provide any other pertinent info. 

Tobias Spring

Hi Lauren

Thank you for your help! When I open your test and publish it into Word, I see the questions... In my course it doesn't work even though I checked the two boxes. The course was developed by an external agency. Is it possible that they set the settings in a way that prevents this? 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Tobias!

There isn't an additional setting that will prohibit the answers from appearing. Are you also looking to show the correct answer on the slide if the learner answers incorrectly? If so, try changing the trigger on the review button on the Results Slide. Make sure it's set to show Correct/Incorrect responses.

If you want me to take a look at the .story file, please use my upload link.