Answers jumbled when "Quiz Review" is selected...?

Hi - My client sent me the following screenshot of an error he's having with a quiz question... Everything works fine, but when "Quiz Review" is selected and the learner goes back to see what he/she got incorrect (and what the correct answer is), the answers appear to write on top of one another/are jumbled. All appears normal when I preview it in Storyline. He's viewing via the story.html5 files. Suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Megan -- Thanks for reaching out here and sorry for your troubles! May I ask if you are able to reattach the screenshot you mentioned, as it doesn't appear to have come through here in the post? Please feel free to use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you will be able to browse and upload from there. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Megan

do you have any animations on your choice options where they come in staggered not as one object and if  the options set to shuffle - I saw this yesterday in one of my clients projects.  Removed the animations pushed all options to come in at once beginning of timeline and it fixed the issue.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Megan -- Thanks so much for your reply, and just to confirm, are you also testing the course via HTML5 and are not experiencing the text overlap? And do you happen to know what browser your client is using? From our System Requirements sheet, here is the following supported formats for viewing content in HTML5:

  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later


Please let us know any additional information you can, and if you would like to share your file, we can test to see if we experience the same behavior on our end, as well.