Answers not showing visited state on Try Again


I have a quiz with 3 boxes to choose from to get the correct answer. It is set for 2 attempts.

When the first attempt is wrong, the Try Again message comes up, I want to click the 'try again' button to close the layer and show the choice in a visited state

When I click on the 'try again' button, the 'selected' state of the answer I chose stays visible. I want it to show the 'visited' state but can't seem to get the program to do that. I tried jumping to the same slide and reseting it to its initial state but that gets me in a loop of 'try again' instead of limiting it to 2 attempts.

I bet this is a simple problem but I am not sure how to achieve this.

Thanks for any help, it is appreciated as always.

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Charles Radanovich

I figured it out. I had to add triggers to the Continue buttons on the Try Again and Incorrect feedback.

The trigger changes the state of the wrong answers state to visited. That visually resets the slide without getting caught in an initial state loop.

I knew it would be something simple that I've overlooked.