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Paul Bowling

Yeah- I'm using Explorer. I also didn't know that the answers only shuffle once the slide is re-loaded. I thought the shuffle would work with multiple attempts on the same slide but it doesn't. I had to put a trigger on the "try again" button to jump to the same slide and change the slide properties to 'reset to initial state" to get them to shuffle through multiple attempts.

Heather Vogt

Wait. I think I figured it out. I guess when the Drag items are set to Reveal One at a Time, they don't shuffle. I'm just guessing here.

To fix that, I went to the three dot menu on the right side of Reveal One at a Time and reordered the draggables. From what I can gather they will always be in that order (rather than shuffling each time the learner accesses the slide), but it's better than nothing!

Is that the solution to this?