Answers not shuffling with Drag and Drop

I have created a Freeform drag and drop slide, where 8 statements are to be sorted into two areas. I only have enough room for each answer to come in one at a time so I have the "Reveal drag items one at a time" option selected, I want the answers to be shuffled so I selected Shuffle: Answers. The answers come in the same order and not randomly.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Daniel. Happy to help!

If the Reveal drag items one at a time Drag & Drop Option is selected, Storyline will override the Shuffle: Answers feature to play the drag item sequence set in the ellipsis button (...). 


You can, however, manually shuffle the answer choices in the drag item sequence window by using the arrows. Another option can be to uncheck Reveal drag items one at a time and stack the 8 objects on top of one another. That way, learners will see one object at a time.

Let me know what you think!