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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

The answer should be stored in a text variable - and you should set a trigger for such on the slide within the trigger panel. In terms of how to modify it - I'm not sure what you mean, although I suspect it's likely something you'd be able to do with Javascript so I'll defer to the community on that. 

Andrew Lian

Thanks a lot Ashley. Yes I expect javascript will be needed.

Actually my whole message is a bit vague. Sorry. I would like to intercept the student's response and change it before it is evaluated by Articulate as either correct or incorrect.

That raises many issues, including another one that I raised in a separate question to the community, namely, is there some way that I can access the list of "right answers" stored in each "fill-in-the-blank" quiz question? Are there system variables where "right answers" are stored?

Thank you




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

Yes I just answered your other post too. :-) 

I can't think of any way to "intercept" the users answer - although technically once the variable is set (typically when the control loses focus - so the user clicking outside the text entry or hitting enter) you could adjust it using another trigger? I guess the set up would really depend on how you'd want the interaction to be "submitted" 

No system variables for "right" answers that I know of. Understandably they're stored *somewhere* but not anywhere I know how to access or that I could recommend.