Any Camtasia Experts? $$

I have a need to convert some SL2 projects to standard video for YouTube consumption. Unfortunately, SL2 doesn't have any "Save As" function for video. PowerPoint can do it so maybe SL can someday.

I'll pay for a consult from anyone who can assist with setting up Camtasia to do good screen recordings with audio from SL. I've tried it and the output was poor quality, both video and audio. TechSmith support was just too laborious so I'd prefer to just pay someone to help sort this out (if it's even possible).


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

I don't know that I've seen other users doing this or looking to do it within the forums - did you look at using a second instance of Storyline or even Replay to conduct the screen recording? 

Hopefully others in the community will be able to offer their thoughts here as well! 

Russell Still

Now there you steered me toward something useful! I didn't know that you can right click on the screen recording thumbnail and export as an MP4. And you might be pleased to hear that the visual clarity and audio fidelity is >MUCH< better than that produced in a Camtasia video. Good job!

The bad news is that object animations and fades are pretty jerky. It's as if a faster frame rate was needed during the recording process. Unfortunately, that's a show stopper for me.