Any change on the Slide result behaviour?

Aug 18, 2020


I'm trying to display the Results.ScorePoints variable and I'm unable to do so. Is it because I'm using 2 Question banks?
I can't see this variable on any of the Template, is it an option Articulate removed?

Please find attached my story.

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Sam Hill

Hi Joyce, I don't understand what is going on with that results slide, but I was able to access "%Results.ScorePoints%" by deleting your results slide and adding a new one.

Looking at your ch1 variable, I would recommend just having these variables as a booleans (True/False). That way you can always start with it as True and then set to False on incorrect answer. No need to add any "if" logic on the Correct/Incorrect layers.

Joyce Maurin
Hi Sam,
Thank you very much. That's so weird... But I'm happy it worked. When I'm previewing your .story it works as well on my side. I added a new results slide and this time it created the related Results.ScorePoints variable:
results variable
So I deleted the 2 results slide, created a new one and it seems ok now:  the 4 standard variables without numbers are there.

I think that the Content library "Flow  them's Quiz results's slide" I used does not create the variables related to Points (pass and score) as it does not display them?
Regarding the ch1 variable, actually, this scene is part of a bigger project (I'll have a total of 24 questions banks each related to a specific chapter) and I need 3 states ("not relevant", "fail" and "success") to check if the chapter is relevant for each collaborator, that's why boolean can't be used here.
Thanks again!

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