Any dangers of going purely HTML5?

I thought I'd reach out to the community to get your opinion on any dangers/warnings you might have re going to HTML5 only output?

Currently, we publish everything to HTML5 with Flash back up and generally this is ok, but we are seeing users on IE and Edge having difficulties with drag and drop interactions and sometimes even just clicking 'Next'.  When they activate Flash, it resolves the issues for them.

So, that leads me to believe IE and Edge and pulling Flash instead of HTML5 (despite Flash being the back up).

I'm wondering what issues we're likely to encounter if we published solely to HTML5?  We've got a range of clients, but I'm wondering would anyone really still be on a browser that doens't support HTML5?  Or are many people still using older browsers, hence we'd need to keep the Flash element?

Any feedback from others in a similar scenario / have taken the plunge?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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Mateusz Szuter

I'm publishing only for HTML5 for year and a half and I've never had any issues, and I had it for a big variety of clients with outdated browsers.

Also, you should slowly stop considering using flash output - it will be supported till the end of 2020, after that, adobe will cease to do security updates, probably along the all browsers.