Any examples of company benefits projects to share?

Hello E-Learning Heroes -  I am about to start the process of converting my company's benefits orientation (which is currently a PPT presented every Monday for 1 hour) into an e-learning.  The goal of this e-learning will be for all of our new hires to get the same information about our benefits, available to them at any time, without requiring HR to conduct the overview every week.  I would love to see examples of what others may have created for similar projects, especially if someone has done the same with their company's benefits orientation.  Thank you in advance for sharing!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erin,

Did you also look on the Building Better Courses side of the forums? That is where folks tend to share more design, how to related questions and set up. I'll also reach out within the team and see if anyone remembers a particular example - as I could see that being a popular topic, or at least it should be! Who doesn't want to have a little more fun learning about benefits?