Any Experience with Litmos? I have encountered two issues for Storyline


Two issues I may find an answer to here regarding adding a Storyline course to the Litmos LMS.

1. Course reopens in the middle of an assessment.

I exited then reopened the course after reaching the Results slide. I tested failing the first attempt at the course, I closed the course, then reopened. I expected the course to reopen at the results slide where I may select to retake the quiz. The course reopened in the middle of the test to retake. 

2.  Retaking course in Litmos removes completion status.  

After a course is completed, Litmos allows you to retake the course. However, it removes the completion status. So if I have a Storyline course with an assessment, it will not keep transcript of it. The workaround is to have the content separated from the assessment. The assessment would need to be created in Litmos. A bit annoying. However, it is a problem if the assessment you want to create is a test mode for a system. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out! For your first item: The course reopens in the middle of an assessment.

I'd test the course in SCORM Cloud to see if the same things happens. If it does, it could either be a suspend data issue or some triggers that are redirecting the course somehow. Our support team would be happy to take a look at your file if that's the case!

For the second item: Retaking the course in Litmos removes completion status.  

I recommend following up with Litmos on what tracking and recording status is best for your scenario. If you have an assessment and want to allow for retakes, perhaps Passed/Incomplete is better than Passed/Failed? Or maybe there's a default in the LMS that can be adjusted to have multiple completion records?

I look forward to hearing back!

Steven Caban

Thank you for your answers. I have not had a chance to determine the issue with my first question but will keep your answer in mind. 

I found out that Litmos removing the completion status for a course is due to how the system itself works. Essentially a course can always be retaken and its status changes upon your progression to that retake. So if a course had an internal assessment, its completion status will be refreshed (Although, the learner's Litmos certification of course completion remains). 

If you want to have a test maintain its completion status, it needs to be a separate assessment file within that course, either developed internally or externally from Litmos. Then place settings on the test file, that once user completes, it no longer is available for retake.