Any Idea for this interaction in one slide

Any idea on how to design this simple interaction in one slide. I use two slide for the interaction but I think it will be great and load faster if it is in one slide instead of the two slide. Play the interaction here and the source file is attached.

Thanks, just think it will be efficiency if it is in one slide.

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Adrian Dean

Hi ShowemimoAde,

Sorry that it has taken so long for someone to get back with you. I have found a few questions that have slipped through because of the holiday that no one has responded too. Unfortunately I don't know the answer at this point. Will play with it and see. This should bump it back to the front and hopefully someone else can answer this for you right away rather than waiting on me. I'm fairly new to Storyline myself but like helping even if it's just leaving a message saying hi to show that no one has forgotten you.