Any text label changes between Presenter 09 and Storyline?

Need answer quick. I am sending out courses for translation and already have a spreadsheet created with all of the Presenter 09 and Quizmaker text labels.

Are their additional text labels in Storyline and/or do you have a convenient excel spreadsheet of the text labels like was available for Presenter and Quizmaker now that they are all in one, I'm assuming i'll need engage interaction labels as well. 

PLEASE HELP QUICKLY, I need to get these sent out for translation TODAY!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Maya,

If I'm understanding correctly, you want to save a list of the text labels in Storyline and send them off-site for translating correct? I was able to find an Excel spreadsheet for the text labels in Storyline.

I'm attaching them to this post for you. However, if you have any issues downloading it from this thread, you can find a link in this tutorial

I hope this helps!