Any tips on avoiding / fixing content loading issues?

The company I work for manufacturers heavy equipment and we are releasing a new tractor that has an all new operator interface.  I spent a lot of time recreating the operator interface in Storyline and making some really good simulation.  This simulation works okay when we're reviewing in Review 360; however, ultimately it needs to get packaged as a SCORM lesson to run out of Moodle.  We've run a couple classes with it now and we're getting several complaints of it freezing up.  From what I gather the issue is with the way Storyline preloads content (it's always loading the next 3 slides in a 'serial' lesson).  In this case Storyline doesn't know what's coming next as it depends on what the user clicks on in the simulated display.  Are there any work-arounds to change how Storyline preloads content?  The only thing I can think of is trying to make some of the slides 'lighter' by flattening layered images.  If this doesn't work, the lesson might need to be redone, scrapped or re-developed in another tool (Captivate has preload settings and more settings about how interactions are communicated with the LMS; so it might work better with it).  Thanks for the help!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mike!

You're right about preloaded content in Storyline 360! However, I haven't heard of an issue like this.

Is this happening in a specific browser in the LMS? Or with certain media files?

We don't offer a way to customize the way content is preloaded. I'm happy to dig deeper to see what is causing the delay!