Any tips to determine if an Articulate eL module is corrupt?

Situation: I'm waiting for SMEs to give the final green light on a project before it goes into our LMS. In the mean time, the files are published for website and put onto our SharePoint site. They've been there for about a week.


Today I hopped into the course to check out how something was worded and I saw evidence of corruption. Pictures were gone, things were wacky, etc. I am 10000% certain these were not like this the last time I viewed it. I also verified with my coworkers and it's funky for them this time when it wasn't last time.


I just grabbed all the same files and re-uploaded them to SharePoint and the things that were funky are now fine.


How do I know if this project somehow went corrupt and I need to redo it? I mean based on what we saw with the existing files, I'd 100% say corrupt but they are now showing appropriately. I'm a bit nervous to put this project in our LMS since it worked for a while and now it isn't / I'm worried I'll have the same outcome.


Any ideas how to tell if this is genuinely corrupt, especially since the rough draft took so long to go "corrupt" in the first place?


(Made in Storyline 2 - attached pics show how the slide is missing pictures/only showing some content)

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