Any way to avoid redoing software demos ?

I have a project that contains 15 software demos that were created in storyline (they are all step-by step - some allow the user to try the steps.

Right now this is English onlybut I have to create a French version which means the demos have to be redone with French screens and captions. Is there any way to avoid having to redo the entire demos?

I was hoping I could just replace the screens and then use the translation import/export to replace the captions, but  I can't see any obvious way to replace the screens

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Kevin, the translation tool does change the call out text boxes to French (not sure about text input boxes because my demos don't have any of those). So I guess I have to redo the demos and then copy and paste the captions to the new one. I was hoping there was someway just to swap out the background image (which in this case would be a software screen) so that i didn't have to redo everthing else. I had to adjust all the timings and do all kinds of fiddling on the originals. My client has give me a generous five days to do the French version which consists of 16,000 words and 15 demos.

Kevin Thorn

I looked at an older srceen demo and tried to figure away to swap backgrounds. Unless I'm missing something obvious, it seems once it's in it's in. Great feature request for sure!

16,000 words, 15 demos, 5 days. Piece of cake! Just say goodbye to your family and take your pillow with you into your studio for those drowsy moments.