Any way to put 2 view mode steps together into one?

May 21, 2014

I am building a course where the user can watch the entire task at once (video), and then go and try it themselves.  I want to be able to allow them to click help and see the step that they need to do next (using the view mode) but Storyline broke a couple of the main steps into multiple little steps, which I would like to "glue" back together.  Full disclosure: I AM A NEWBIE.   I was putting all the video steps into a "Lightbox" scene so that I can call them in as needed, but maybe I need to put the individual steps into their own scene?  That will make a lot of scenes.  

Thanks for any help you can give!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CS,

The step by step slides can't be combined to one slide, although if you have it as view mode - you could set them up to advance automatically so that the user doesn't need to interact with it by clicking on the next button. I'm not clear on your set up for the video steps and the need to place them into their own scenes - as you could set the lightbox up to just call one slide from a scene with the appropriate video and then the user could click on the standard close lightbox button. 

CL Smith

Hmmm, that's funny - I just had that thought!  If I have the individual try steps automatically advance while in View mode, and then at the end of that "segment" stopped it, that should work.  Another question (sorry) but since I am trying to call the View parts in as a lightbox idea (sits on top of the current "try it" scene), is there somewhere I can tell the lightbox to close itself when it's done playing?  

I haven't started trying to learn variable stuff yet, still trying to master the basics.  


CL Smith

I just ran into a problem.  I have 4 buttons on the master slide to allow the user to select different t things, like "help" from anywhere in the training, but, when I insert my "try it" slides, it covers over those buttons.  I'm calling the linked content in as lightboxes, so I hadn't realized my problem.  Help please!! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CS,

If the lightbox slides contain the video you could add a trigger to "close lightbox when the media completes" if the lightbox slides contain just the view mode in step by step - you could set it to close the lightbox when the timeline ends. The user will still be able to use the red X in the corner of the lightbox to close it though - and there isn't a way to modify that functionality. 

As for the buttons on your slide master, when you insert screen recording as a step by step slide, you'll need to go to the slide and uncheck the box on the Format Background window for "Hide background graphics." Your information from the master slide should appear than (as long as it's not underneath the screen recording itself).

You can select all the slides (using the shift key) and then right click, find the "Format background" option and then uncheck the "Hide Background graphics". 

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