Any way to quickly change radio boxes to check boxes?

Sep 13, 2016

So I've manually set up this basic multiple choice quiz, most of the questions have one answer but some have 2 or 3. Got it all set up and everything but when testing it seems only one radio box can be selected at a time, yeah ok, is there anyway to easily swap them to check boxes but keeping the same design?

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Johannes Rosenberg

Yeah, sorry. If you need tracking for the quiz there is no way to change the design.

However if you have no need of tracking the quizzes, you can remove the button set and show different (feedback)layers depening on which buttons are selected with a couple of triggers.

EDIT: Im a bit trigger happy today, but there is a way to use the radiobuttons for a multiple response type question, on a regular slide, insert radio buttons under 'controls'. Then choose convert to freeform under 'insert' and make it a pick many question.

Walt Hamilton


I would recommend against making radio buttons function as checkboxes if you are using the traditional shapes. By long custom, computer users have been trained to expect to be able to select only one of a set of round buttons, and one or more of a set of rectangular buttons.

No computer police will come and get you if you do it differently, but you might confuse your users, without helping your reputation, for the sake of time and convenience in design.

Just my personal opinion.

Bruce French

Yeah, I get the radio/check box thing, I didn't realise some were multi when I started otherwise I would've gone all check boxes. But in this case, my users are 13-16 kids (and not the gifted batch), trust me, they won't have a problem with it. I doubt even the adults involved know the difference. Thanks for the comments though.

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