Any way to Randomize scenes?


I just have a bunch of slides (in a scene) and wanted to randomize which scene is shown next.

Each scene has a series of images of a part of the body and users click hotspots to confirm anatomy points. I just wanted to randomize the scenes so it wasn't just the same location on the body.

A question bank would be ideal for the format we have used for our scenes.

Any help would be great - Thanks!

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Russell Killips

Here's what I came up with. I used a question bank with 4 slides, one for each scene.

For the question slides, there are two triggers.

Trigger 1: Jump to next slide if the Scene is complete.
Trigger 2: Jump to the Scene if its incomplete.

For each of the scenes, there is a trigger on the last slide to set the scene to complete. The next button the final slide for each scene jumps back to the Quiz which is slide 1.2.