Any way to Randomize scenes?


I just have a bunch of slides (in a scene) and wanted to randomize which scene is shown next.

Each scene has a series of images of a part of the body and users click hotspots to confirm anatomy points. I just wanted to randomize the scenes so it wasn't just the same location on the body.

A question bank would be ideal for the format we have used for our scenes.

Any help would be great - Thanks!

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Russell Killips

Here's what I came up with. I used a question bank with 4 slides, one for each scene.

For the question slides, there are two triggers.

Trigger 1: Jump to next slide if the Scene is complete.
Trigger 2: Jump to the Scene if its incomplete.

For each of the scenes, there is a trigger on the last slide to set the scene to complete. The next button the final slide for each scene jumps back to the Quiz which is slide 1.2.

Ron Jewer

I like your sample but I can't see how to add more scenes to the existing 4. I want to have 9 randomized quiz scenarios, each with 3 slides (a video, question 2, and question 3). When the slides are finished, I want to jump to the quiz results slide. I have spent hours and hours trying to figure this out!