Hello All,

I inherited a course and I'm unable to reverse engineer a particular section. In the course there is a clock for which the minute hand moves 120 degrees to signify 20 minutes. I need to change it to 30 minutes. 

The minute hand is built from a rectangle (Rectangle 9). But I can't figure out how it moves (there are no animations) to extend it another 60 degrees. 

If anyone is up to the challenge, I've posted the file. I thought I knew SL pretty well, but this has me stumped.

Thanks in advance.


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Walt Hamilton

Actually , the hand that moves is Rectangle 8. The group spins for 3.0 seconds, but Rectangle 8 disappears before the spin is completed. Extend the time Rectangle 8 is on the screen to 1.5, and it will ride along with the group for half a spin.

Change the rotation of rectangle 9 to 0, fine tune when it appears, and the location of Group 2, and it's pretty smooth.

I admire whoever did it.

Louise Lindop

It was bugging me, so I kept looking. I have attached. It may need a little tweaking. :

1. changed rotation of rectangle 9 to 180 and moved into position

2. extended length of time that rectangle 8 is on the timeline by .25

3. moved rectangle 9 to display when rectangle 8 ends.

Hope this helps.

Mike Enders

Hi Eric,

Are you referencing the the circles with the silhoutte characters? Or the shapes with the icons (like Amazon?).

For the shapes with the icons/illos: These are actually residing on the normal state. So if you select edit states and then select the normal state, you'll see them resting there. From there you can copy, and then past them back onto your base layer for further editing, extraction, etc.

As for the characters: These are simply characters with some special formatting applied. To achieve this look:

You crop the character to an even height and width. Drop the contrast down to -100. Then add an outline to the character (it'll be square). And then under picture settings, choose picture shape and select the circle. 

I hope this helps!