Anyone else having font issues in v5 of Storyline?

Jan 29, 2014

Is anyone else having trouble with the latest release of SL (v5)? My coworker downloaded it the day it came out and is having trouble with fonts. For example, she'll click a text box (to select the whole box itself) and set a specific font size for the text -- let's say 12. Then if she clicks in the box and highlights the text itself, it'll mysteriously be sized to 11 pts. So then she'll set it to 12 pts, but it'll size up by itself to 17. She can't get her font sizes to stick. Is anyone else experiencing this? 

I'm still in v4, so I opened her file on my computer and I'm not seeing any of those issues. Seems like it's something wonky with v5. She reinstalled the software and the issue is still happening, so now she's uninstalling completely and reinstalling. Fingers crossed that this helps, but we're not optimistic. Is anyone else dealing with anything like this? 

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Ed Steeds

Our most frustrating example of the font problem is on questions.  The answer is revealed to the user because the rollover state picks up the font colour from the selected state.   We stated our rollover state font colour to be black and the selected font to be white.

As the selected state is determined on the slide by the correct answer it shows the font as white up as white and the others show as black!!!  Now we know this we can build the slide to work around this bug.  The problem is we have created many hundreds of questions and over time have to fix each slide!!! Grrr.  Unpaid time - we estimate it will take 70 hours to do this - the client is not prepared to pay (can't blame them) so it made us lose money on the job.

Elizabeth Miles

I've encountered this too.  A few days ago I transferred my license from an older machine on which I was running v4 to a new machine with v5.  When I opened a file originally created in v4 I discovered the fonts were enlarged and some of the text was off the slide.  As it turns out, I had to return the new machine and am back to v4....and the fonts in the file that I edited in v5 look fine.

Laura Payette

Glad to know we're not alone, although I had several folks in my PLN open our file with version 5 on their end and they didn't encounter the same problems. Seems somehow isolated to our installation, although we've uninstalled and reinstalled more than once now, with no success. We even tried reinstalling v4 but even it's not working right on my coworker's laptop. Now we're wondering if it's something about her laptop that's incompatible with the software? It's new to her (refurbished internally). We're at a loss and we have a project we're trying to finish, naturally! 

Articulate staff, any thoughts/suggestions?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jordan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I was able to find your support case (#00394327 for my reference) and I see that John is currently working with you on this issue. Looks like he's currently testing a sample project file that you recently sent in to us. 

Hopefully we'll have more information on what's causing this issue soon.

If you see any updates from John, or if you're able to find a solution while working with him, please share.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

We've done a number of updates since this discussion - and we're now on Storyline 2 Update 10 (which I suspect this thread was referring to Storyline 1 Update 5, and that's now on Update 10 as well). So I'd want to know a bit more about what you're seeing and what update you're currently using? You can even share a .story file or any other screenshots to help us understand what you're seeing? 

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